Get ready to kick off the year with some awesome incentives!

First, all new Social Marketers who joins January 1, 2018, through February 28, 2018, with a 150-point order, are eligible to participate in the Fast Track. Fast Track allows Social Marketers to earn up to an extra $3,000 in bonuses, the first three months with Modere.

Second, we are paying a 40% First Order Bonus on all new Social Marketer’s first orders from January 13 to February 28th. This means you can earn twice the commission!
We like to call this the Get 1 Doubler!

Third, Social Marketers who achieve a higher builder title in January or February than previously qualified in December 2017, will earn a 25% increase in Team Builder Bonuses.*
2018 is the time to ignite and we are ready to reward you when you do!

Team Leader $100 $25 $125
Senior Team Leader $200 $50 $250
Director 1 $500 $125 $625
Director 2 $750 $187.50 $937.50
Director 3 $1500 $375 $1875
Elite 1 $2000 $500 $2500
Elite 2 $2500 $625 $3125
Elite 3 $3000 $750 $3750

Terms & Conditions:

  1. These promotional offers are available exclusively to US and Canada Social Marketers.
  2. To be eligible for the Fast Track commissions Social Marketers must have a minimum of 150 Activity Points in their first full month.
  3. $3,000.00 Fast Track value is based on a Social Marketer qualifying for the D1 Team Builder Bonus or higher in each of his or her first three months.
  4. Get 1 Doubler will replace the Get 3 Doubler bonus during the promotional period.
  5. Social Marketers who had 1 or 2 enrollments counting toward a Get 3 Doubler prior to the promotion, will be eligible to earn the doubler on the previous orders once the third enrollment is met, just as the Get 3 Doubler has historically paid.
  6. On March 1, 2018, all Social Marketers will be reset to zero to begin qualifying for Get 3 Doublers. No enrollments from January 2018 or February 2018 will count towards Get 3 Doublers for March.
  7. The 25% increase in Team Builder Bonus is based on the Team Builder Bonus earned that month. If a Social Marketer qualifies at a higher title, but is paid a lower Team Builder Bonus due to Enrollment Organization Points, the added 25% will be applied to the amount of the Team Builder Bonus earned.
  8. 25% Increases are paid with the monthly commission month for the previous month’s activity.
  9. Social Marketers who achieve a higher title in January than December are eligible to receive the 25% increase in February when they maintain or achieve a higher title than qualified for in January.
  10. Social Marketers who advance to an Elite title during the promotion will be eligible for the Team Builder Bonus if their LDB earnings are less than the Team Builder Bonus + 25% value. For example if a Social Marketer achieves Elite 1 during the promotion, they will be eligible for a $2000 Team Builder Bonus plus the 25% increase of $500 for a total of $2500. If the Social Marketer earned less than $2500 LDB, Modere will pay the difference of the LDB and $2500 to the Social Marketer.