How to Host a Live Clean Dinner Party

We know that parties are always more fun with food. But just because it’s your turn to host your family get-together doesn’t mean you have to serve a decadent and extravagant three-course meal. Cut the carbs and sugar every time you throw a party. Here are some of our tips to create and utterly amazing and deliciously clean and healthy dinner party.

  1. Try some infused water to keep your guests hydrated. Add some fruits and herbs like lemon and mint or blueberries and strawberries to still or sparkling water.
  2. Mezze platters make the perfect way to welcome guests. Try hummus, haloumi, sun-dried tomatoes and meatballs for a perfect platter start to your clean dinner party.
  3. Look for sugar-free desserts to wow your guests while also being clean. Check out this recipe we found from The Merrymaker Sisters for gluten-free and refined sugar free Cinnamon Donuts.
  4. Make cleanup easy with Modere Multi-Surface Cleaner! Whether it’s greasy counters or stains on upholstery, this product has you covered. Multi-Surface Cleaner leaves your surfaces sparkling clean with a light citrus scent. It’ll make cleaning up after your party a breeze, and with no harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia, it’s safe to use around pets and children. Bonus: it’s biodegradable too!

With these tips, your party is sure to be a success! Have fun with your live-clean celebration!