Congratulations on hosting your own Modere Meetup! The goals of a Modere Meetup are:

  1. To bring Social Marketers together in a forum where they can connect with one another, build on common beliefs and vision, share ideas and set goals for the future.
  2. To help a new Social Marketer experience their first Modere event.
  3. To recognize the achievements and success of Social Marketers and share success stories of Modere products and the business opportunity.
  4. To share news, announcements and plans for the next three months.
  5. To provide tips and training that will help a Social Marketer grow their business.

This guide is designed to help you promote and get the most out of your meetup. Learn how to invite Social Markets and guests to your meetup, what to say in your invitations, and how and where to promote your meetup to spread enthusiasm and excitement. You can follow the scripts exactly or use them as talking points – whichever is best for you and your team.


Before starting to promote your meetup, decide what you would like your event to look like. Do you want a large meetup in a hotel ballroom or a smaller meetup in a more intimate setting like your home? Would you like to join forces with other Social Marketer leaders in your area to host a joint Meetup, or would you prefer to host by yourself? Depending on where you live and where other Social Marketers are located, certain venue and attendance goals make more sense than others.

A key to a successful meetup is to start planning early. Reach out to as many Social Marketers as possible who are on your team or in your area and ask about their plans for hosting meetup. Once you know if anyone in your area is planning to host, you can decide if you would like to combine your meetups.


Modere Meetups are open to everyone. This includes Social Marketers, customers, and prospective  Social Marketers and customers. The host may determine whether to pass along some of the cost of hosting to attendees in the form of a registration fee, and how much to charge.

Set a precedent with your team to bring a guest to the event. Build a target list of potential attendees starting with four buckets: current Social Marketers, current customers, potential customers and potential Social Marketers. Review your social media contacts and decide who is within a reasonable distance to attend your meetup. Once you have defined your geographic radius, begin putting those names into the buckets you’ve created.



Create a Facebook page that is open to all the people on your target list. An easy way to invite and register people for your event is by using a free online event registration system like EventBrite. Using this or a similar service, you can create a digital invitation that includes a registration link. You can also take payment if you’re charging a fee to attend. Services like EventBrite help you monitor who will or won’t attend your meetup. If you have successfully used another online service in the past, feel free to leverage your experience to promote your meetup. Pick up the phone and call people. You can also send emails and eCards to people who don’t respond to your Facebook or Eventbrite invitations.


Your invitation should clearly describe the purpose of a meetup and why you want to invite the person. This is your chance to host a Modere event and receive direct training and strategy from the corporate office, regardless of where you live. It is a chance to celebrate successes and recognize your team. It is also an opportunity to experience the inclusive culture that is central to the Modere global brand. At your meetup, you can share product samples and teach attendees about our clean label philosophy and how it can enhance their lives. You can also add an element of fun with giveaways, raffles or prizes.  


Email/EventBrite/Social Media/Phone

Use every means possible to follow up with those registered to attend your meetup. Do not be afraid to delegate. Assign members of your team to follow up with different groups of registrants. The more actively you confirm and follow up, the better the attendance you can expect at your Modere Meetup.