How to Qualify for Leadership Summit 2020


FINAL update as of: 12/9/2019 at 5:00am MT


DATES: January 29th & 30th, 2020

QUALIFICATION PERIOD: June 1, 2019 – November 30, 2019

Last year, we loved kicking off our SRC event with a powerful Leadership Summit! This year will offer another exclusive leadership event to preface our SRC.  This one-day summit leading into SRC is going to kickstart your business for 2020! Look forward to days filled with training and vision, and evenings filled with recognition and fun! We can’t wait to help you start the year on the right path with the tools and training you need to meet your goals.

Prize Points
Leadership Summit tickets (2 tickets, SM + Guest) 75,000
Leadership Summit tickets (2 tickets, SM + Guest), 1 night hotel accommodations 125,000
Leadership Summit tickets (2 tickets, SM + Guest), 4 nights hotel accommodations 175,000
Leadership Summit tickets (2 tickets, SM + Guest), 4 nights hotel accommodations, $600 airfare credit for two, and private transfer Top Point Earner


  1. Bronze or New Social Marketer
    Qualify as Bronze or personally enroll at least one new Social Marketer each month with a first order of a minimum 150 points.
  2. Meet the monthly 150 AP Qualification
    Social Marketers must have a minimum 150 AP or 75 MP on SmartShip each month to earn monthly credits.

Credits are awarded based on the Team Builder Bonus and Monthly Promoter Bonus earned each month during the qualification period.

Team Builder Bonuses are awarded based on the Builder Title and Enrollment Organization Points. Promoter Bonuses are based on the total Customer Points in a Social Marketers POD and the number of active customers.

TITLE Points
DIRECTOR 1 10,000
DIRECTOR 2 15,000
DIRECTOR 3 20,000
ELITE 1 22,000
ELITE 2 27,000
ELITE 3 30,000
BRONZE 1,000
SILVER 3,000
GOLD 5,000
PLATINUM 1 9,000
PLATINUM 2 11,000
PLATINUM 3 13,000

Bonus Points

Social Marketers who attend the Fall Social Marketing Summit event will be awarded an additional 2,000 bonus points after the event.

Social Marketers who maintain the rank of Gold or above for at least 5 out of 6 months will be awarded 1,000 bonus points at the end of the qualification period.

Event Attendance 2,000
Gold Consistency Bonus 1,000


  1. To be eligible to earn points towards Leadership Summit, the Social Marketer must meet the Bronze or New Social Marketer requirement. There are two ways to satisfy this monthly requirement: qualify as bronze or higher that month, or personally enroll one new Social Marketer with a first order of 150 points or more. Social Marketers will be allowed one grace month during the qualification period. During the grace month, the Social Marketer will be awarded points one time if this requirement is missed. After the grace month, if the Bronze or New Social Marketer requirements not met, the Social Marketer will not receive points for that month.
  2. Social Marketers must continue to personally qualify each month during the qualification period. Qualified is defined as achieving a minimum 150 AP or having a 75 MP SmartShip each month.  If a Social Marketer is not personally qualified, they will not receive credits that month and any credits previously earned will be forfeited. The Social Marketer will not begin accumulating points until they meet the qualification requirement.
  3. Social Marketers must be in good standing with Modere to participate in Leadership Summit.
  4. Any misuse or gaming of qualifications will constitute a disqualification and the Social Marketer account will forfeit and be ineligible to participate.
  5. Credits may not be transferred or combined with other Social Marketer accounts.
  6. Each Social Marketer account is limited to one reward during the qualification period.
  7. If a Social Marketer is unable to attend the current Modere Leadership Summit due to circumstances beyond his or her control, they must notify Modere in writing.
  8. Modere Leadership Summit prizes are non-transferable and the reward must be redeemed during the designated trip dates.
  9. Recipients will be required to have proper travel documentation.
  10. Seats at the Modere Leadership Summit are limited and will be filled on first come, first served basis based on the most Leadership Summit points earned.
  11. Bonus points for event attendance include attendance to the Fall Social Marketing Summit only.
  12. Any cancellation requests must be received before December 1, 2019 to avoid a cancellation fee.
  13. The cancellation fee will cover nonrefundable expenses of the reward earned by the Social Marketer, up to $300 USD.
  14. Leadership Summit ticket qualification does not include registration to the 2020 Social Retail Conference. Tickets for SRC must be purchased separately.