Whether you want to supplement your income, or completely start your own business, chances are you want to do it honestly. You want to avoid gimmicks or deceiving others. Maybe you’ve looked at Modere but you’re still on the fence because you think it’s too good to be true.

But it is true. For over 25 years, we’ve produced quality, clean products and continue to break through our own innovations. This innovation has lead to opportunity for many people. The opportunity to provide another income for their family, the opportunity to create a business and help others, and even the opportunity to fulfill lifelong dreams.

Modere is a company that’s been tried and tested. They are owned by $2.3 billion private equity firm, have over $6 billion in revenue and paid out over $3 billion in commissions in the last 15 years.

Modere isn’t a pyramid scheme or a scam. Those are illegal, and based on recruiting others into the scheme and paying others based on the investments they make into the scheme. Modere makes their own clean, everyday products and allows anyone to purchase these products. All prices are retail prices and available to everyone at Modere.com. Modere is the first online retail brand to pay people to socially share their products—we call them social marketers. Social Marketers are not just paid once, they are paid for every purchase a customer makes in their lifetime. Imagine getting a piece of every purchase of laundry soap, protein powder, shampoo, or cleaning supplies!

It’s simply a better way. Take Netflix, for example. They didn’t invent a way to watch movies, they just found a better way to rent and stream videos. Uber didn’t invent the taxi service, but they made things easier for both drivers and passenger to give/get a ride. Creating a better way disrupts the old way of doing things and creates an entirely new industry.

Why not do the same thing for products we use every single day?

To join our mission to live clean, you can create a free customer account, or become a Social Marketer for $49.95. Customers can enjoy things like $500 lifestyle experiences, free shipping, free samples, free birthday credits, and a money-back guarantee. As a Social Marketer, you share products you use with people you know. As they shop with Modere, you are generously rewarded with cash for your referral.

Visit Modere.com to learn more about our safe lines of everyday essentials or shiftingretail.com to learn more about becoming a social marketer.