Julie Burke – Elite 2 Spotlight

Home parties, hotel events, vendor shows and cold calls ­­‑‑ six years ago, that’s how Julie Burke started in network marketing.

Before that, Julie spent time working in the corporate world as well as on opening her own franchise. There was some freedom in working for herself, but 16-hour days weren’t ideal. When she discovered network marketing, the idea of leveraged income and a flexible schedule drew her in.

“I loved the business model of the industry, but it was all about building offline. I followed everything I was taught by industry leaders, continued to build and saw success but I eventually became burned out by this method of running a business. I knew in my gut this wasn’t right for me anymore.”

What Julie wanted was to help customers without feeling obligated to recruit them. Modere was exactly what she was looking for in a company. She partnered with Modere because she saw how Social Retail was creating immense success for her friends and their teams while focusing on the customer.

“I watched a few of the Modere videos and immediately fell in love with their branding, the mission, the compensation plan, the online system and the leadership.

“Modere’s way of building is refreshing for this industry. No more parties or cold calls. I focus on helping customers enjoy the benefits of Modere products while enjoying time freedom and deciding what is right for my family.”

Julie has created an amazing and prosperous opportunity for her and her team. It’s remarkable what she’s accomplished. But it’s also so much more than financial independence. It’s buying, sharing and using products that are safe for her and her family and change lives.

With just a few clicks, Modere has given Julie and her team an easy way to share Modere and get compensated for it. It’s a system that allows people to enjoy two sides of the business: being a customer or enrolling as a Social Marketer.

“Modere is different than any other company I’ve seen. They’re unique in how they allow people to share their products. I knew I was home when I found a company that’s heavier on customer acquisition and retention than on just recruiting distributors.

“This meant I could run a profitable business using proven, online methods that bring in customers and allow them to enjoy the products without feeling the need to recruit them.

Modere is truly a win-win…and their mission to live clean is something I stand behind.”