New Platinum, Kim Wagner, has spent a majority of her professional life in sales. From retail to a career change in technology sales, she’s seen first-hand, how the industry continues to change around her. Her ability to adapt to these changes is what gives her an edge here at Modere.

She’s been able to rank up to Platinum, help strengthen her team, and bring the mission of Modere to everyone she meets.

What peaked your interest in Modere?

“I was first introduced to Modere by my friend, Susi Keffer. Our first conversation was about M3 and its results. Since I had worked with Susi at a different network marketing company, I trusted her and wanted to learn more about this opportunity.

After doing my own research on the company, I fell in love with the mission of promoting a clean living lifestyle to everyone. Previous companies I aligned with focused on the same things, but were limited by strictly workout programs and meal replacement. Modere was working on a bigger scale, promoting overall health inside and out!

I started M3 and not only has it helped me reach new weight loss goals, but it’s given me a new way to share products by using a personal testimony of M3.”

What inspires you?

I’m striving to be the absolute best person I can be for my family. My husband has always supported me. It doesn’t matter if it’s work related, learning a new trade, or a complete lifestyle change–he continues to encourage me to never give up. I want to be an example for my daughter and show her anything is possible, no matter the size of your dream.

What’s been the most memorable moment at Modere so far?

Anytime a friend messages me and lets me know how happy they are with a certain product or a goal they met, makes this all worth it. I feel the most successful when I know I’ve contributed to someone else hitting their own milestones.

My most memorable experience would be the first Social Retail Conference I attended. I remember walking away and thinking about all the wonderful, caring people who just want to help make the world a better place. Modere’s leadership is second to none. We leave egos at the door. I attended SRC only knowing one person but since then, I’ve become part of this amazing family.

What advice do you have for struggling Social Marketers?

First, make sure you’re a product of the product. Share your testimony and results so people know it really works. People are always asking me how I lost weight or why my skin continues to look so good. These are organic conversations because I use Modere products.

Second, make sure you lean on your team members and upline. This style of marketing is new to a lot of people and there is a learning curve, so find someone who can give you the tools to help your business grow. Work on branding yourself and develop real relationships.

The rest will take care of itself.

How has being a Social Marketers made a difference in your life?

It’s a lot of fun doing this. Not only have I been able to earn extra money to help the family, but I’ve developed great relationships as well. I’m living the lifestyle I always wanted to live. I’m healthier, more active, and more energetic than ever! I love being rewarded like this and all I have to do is share products that are changing people’s lives.