What is the LEAN30 LIVING PROOF promotion?

The LEAN30 LIVING PROOF campaign is a limited-time promotion offering $10 USD/$12.50 CAD savings on a-la-carte orders of many of our Lean and fitness collections, including the Lean Body System. Order within the first 48 hours of the promotion and you’ll also receive two free products!

Which collections are eligible for the promotion?

US – Modere.com

  • Lean Body System (all Trim flavors)
  • Logiq + Trim Collection
  • Lean Body Fitness Collection
  • Lean Body + Go Collection
  • Trim + Fitness Collection

CA OTG – Modere.ca

  • Lean Body System (Trim Vanilla and Trim Coconut Lime)

CA NFR – ModereGlobalShop.com

  • Trim Lemon + Fitness Collection

When is this promotion available?

The bonus gift of two free products will only run from April 14 at 6 PM MT and end April 16 at 11:59 PM MT.  The LEAN30 discount begins April 14 at 6 PM MT and runs through May 2 at 11:59 PM MT.

Can the discount be stacked with the current Doubled SmartShip & Save program?

No, because of the substantial savings associated with the Double SmartShip & Save offer, the discount of $10 USD/$12.50 CAD will only apply to one-time al-a-carte orders. However, both one-time and new SmartShip orders are eligible to receive the two free products. Existing SmartShips will not receive the free products.

If the discounts can’t be stacked, what is the best way to share this promotion?

We encourage Social Marketers to focus on the Doubled SmartShip & Save discount. Even at the first tier (10% savings), you will save more than $10 USD/$12.50 CAD on the Lean Body System. You may also find it helpful to recommend additional products to your customers, to help them maximize their savings. For the Doubled SmartShip & Save program, 5 or more unique items is a 20% savings, and 8 or more unique items is a 30% savings, plus free shipping! The $10 USD/$12.50 CAD discount is for those who only want to purchase a one-time order.

What are the free products included in this promotion?

The additional Facebook Live offer will include a bonus gift of a FREE Sports Rub and Carb Blocker for the US ($40 value), and a FREE Sports Rub and Modere Glass water bottle for Canada ($45 CAD). The free product promotion will only run from April 14at 6 PM MT through April 16 at 11:59 PM MT

Will there be a Facebook Webinar event to support this promotion?

Yes, because Modere is committed to social distancing, we will be hosting a Live Webinar instead of a regular Facebook Live. Join North America General Manager Craig Colyar on April 14 at 6 PM MT, on the Modere North America Facebook page to learn more about the promotion and how to make the most of it! He’ll also be joined by two special guests, Amanda Nicole Morris and Tony Zolecki, who will share their own experiences with the Lean Body System. Invite your customers and prospects!

Will there be a new LEAN30 group associated with this promotion?

Because of the current circumstances of the world right now, we thought it would be best to transform the previous LEAN30+ group into our new LEAN30 #LiveLife group. This group is open to everyone in the US and Canada and does not require a purchase to join. We are posting daily content throughout April, and have featured guest Lives to promote healthy lifestyle habits and community support. We encourage you to join and invite others who could benefit from the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lean30newyear/

Are promo codes required to get the special pricing or free products?

No promo code is required. Qualifying purchases will automatically receive the free products and/or promotional price(s) at checkout.

Can a new customer redeem a $10 Share the Love referral code on their order?

Yes, a new customer can redeem their Share the Love credit on their order.

Can an existing customer redeem their birthday credit on their order?

Yes, an existing customer can redeem their birthday credit on their order.

Are there limits on quantities?

Only one order, purchased between April 14 at 6 PM MT and April 16 at 11:59 PM MT will be eligible for the two free products. There are no limits on a-la-carte orders that will receive the $10 USD/$12.50 CAD savings.

Are there assets I can share on social media? Where can I find them?

Yes! All assets will be available through the One Voice Facebook group and in your Backoffice.

Will promotional content be posted through corporate channels?

The Modere marketing team has prepared promotional emails to be released to your customers on your behalf. We are also running a social media campaign to help drive sales. We encourage you to share our corporate Facebook pages and tag your customers on our promotional posts at www.facebook.com/modereus as well as on our US Instagram accounts.

How can I reach customer support?

Customer support: 877-MODERE-1 (877-663-3731) Social Marketer support: 855-MODERE-1 (855-663-3731)

Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 6:00pm MT; Saturday, 10:00am – 4:00pm MT