At Modere, our rigorous testing protocols consistently ensure we deliver the highest quality products with premium ingredients. Now you can help your customers put us to the test as well with the Modere® CellProof Serum Live Vibrant 90-Day Challenge!

Modere CellProof Serum features patented BioCell Collagen® CG, backed by the same Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology as our award-winning Liquid BioCell® nutraceutical products. In Liquid BioCell, this technology is clinically shown to nourish skin from the inside, and in CellProof Serum it revitalizes a luminous appearance on the outside.

The Live Vibrant 90-Day Challenge is a chance for your customers to experience beautiful, glowing skin in a whole new way. Each monthly winner will receive an amazing Live Vibrant Experience with their choice of a relaxing spa day or a shopping spree valued at up to $200!

Here’s how to help your customers get started and take the Live Vibrant 90-Day Challenge today:

  1. Have your customers order Modere CellProof Serum from modere.com or modere.ca. A three-month supply is required to complete the 90-day challenge, so remind them to add CellProof Serum to their SmartShip order for convenience and to save an additional 5% every month!)
  2. Help them take their BEFORE photos. We recommend using a tripod and a self-timer, or asking a friend to stand in as their photographer. Remind them to pose in front of a blank, solid-colored wall and remember to be consistent with their lighting, angles and poses! They should take multiple photos to capture every angle, and for the most dramatic effect, all photos should be taken makeup free.
  3. Check in with your customers throughout their 90-day use of CellProof Serum.
  4. Assist with their AFTER photos by recreating the same conditions (background, lighting, angles and poses) as their BEFORE photos, and submit them together on the Live Vibrant 90-Day Challenge website. We’ll pick one winner every month beginning in September!

Why promote this 90-day challenge?

Because when your customer wins, you win! If one of your customers wins the monthly contest, not only will they receive a relaxing day at the spa or a shopping spree, so will you!

So if you’re ready to live vibrant and encourage others to do the same, take the challenge!

Official contest rules.