We are so excited to announce the official launch of Modere Logiq with TetraBlend Coffee and Modere Logiq MCTS September 9, 2020!

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming launch:  

Is there a Facebook Webinar to support this launch?

Yes! Join us Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 5 PM MT on the Modere Canada Facebook page for the official launch of Modere Logiq with TetraBlend Coffee and Modere Logiq MCTs! You won’t want to miss this! 

Is there a promotion that’s part of this launch? 

For a limited time get a FREE Modere tumbler ($18.99 value) with a C$199.99 Modere Logiq qualifying purchase!

Promotion valid September 9, 2020 at 6 PM MT – September 10, 2020 at 11:59 PM MT or while supplies last. Excludes existing SmartShips. Limit one per account.

What products are being launched?

Modere Logiq™ with TetraBlend™ Coffee (C$68.99)

Logiq™ is smarter than coffee. Add it to your daily morning ritual, and you’ll think sharper, perform better and achieve more.

And we didn’t sacrifice any of the premium coffee flavour you love – we just took it to a whole new level.

You’re going to love the taste of Logiq. But the real secret is TetraBlend™, a proprietary combination of proven, powerful ingredients focused on cognitive health to help you be more, do more and feel amazing. Plus, Logiq features our award-winning, multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology, renowned for its amazing skin and joint benefits when combined with your favorite Liquid BioCell product. So you’ll not only feel younger, you’ll look younger too.

Modere Logiq™ MCTs (C$62.49)

Modere Logiq™ MCTs are a delicious, keto-friendly natural health product. Enhanced with grass-fed butter and C8 medium-chain triglycerides—because all MCTs are not created equal—it’s more rapidly converted into ketones than coconut oil or other MCTs, promoting high-quality energy production in the body.

Add one scoop of Logiq MCTs to Modere Logiq™ with TetraBlend™ Coffee to bolster your body’s energy production start your day right – plus your morning serving of award-winning Liquid BioCell®. Continue to enjoy your favorite Liquid BioCell® product in the evening for all the joint and skin benefits of Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology.

Try Logiq MCTs in coffee, tea, smoothies, oatmeal or any beverage or food for a delicious, energizing boost. 

What collections will be available with this launch? 

The following collections will be available on September 9, 2020 at 5 PM MT:

CollectionsCAD PriceCVBV
Modere Logiq Essential Collection$124.996565
Modere Logiq Preferred Collection$162.998383
Modere Logiq + Life Collection $199.999595
Modere Logiq + Pure Collection $199.999595
Modere Logiq + Trim Vanilla Collection  $199.99100100
Modere Logiq + Trim Chocolate Collection $199.99100100
Modere Logiq + Trim Coconut Lime Collection$199.99100100
Modere Logiq + Trim Mango Collection  $199.99100100
Modere Logiq + Trim Lemon Collection$199.99100100 Logiq Collections
SM Enrollment CollectionsCAD PriceCVBV
Modere Logiq + Activate Enrollment Collection$74.995065
Essential Modere Logiq Enrollment Collection $124.99100125
Logiq + Trim Vanilla Enrollment Collection$199.99150250
Logiq + Trim Chocolate Enrollment Collection$199.99150250
Logiq + Trim Coconut Lime Enrollment Collection$199.99150250
Logiq + Trim Mango Enrollment Collection$199.99150250
Logiq + Trim Lemon Enrollment Collection$199.99150250
The Pro Modere Logiq Vanilla Enrollment Collection$479.99400500
The Pro Modere Logiq Mango Enrollment Collection$479.99400500

What happens to SmartShips that include Logiq and MCTs on

 The following collections will be automatically transferred to a SmartShip on 

Logiq 30ct 
Logiq Creamer 
Modere Logiq™ Essential Collection 
Modere Logiq™ Preferred Collection 

The following collections will be discontinued until we work to get all products in the collection registered in Canada:

Modere Logiq™ + Omega 3 Collection 
Modere Logiq™ + CoQ10 Collection 
Modere Logiq™ + Revitalize Collection 
Modere Logiq™ + Probiotic Collection 
Modere Logiq™ + Vital Collection 
Modere Logiq™ + Antioxidant Collection 
Modere Logiq™ + Antioxidant  Enrollment Collection
Essential Modere Logiq™ Enrollment Collection

All customers impacted have received an email regarding the transfer. 

Are there any social media shareables?


Facebook Webinar:

Think sharper. Perform better. Achieve more.

Modere Logiq™ is smarter than coffee. Add it to your morning ritual to think sharper, perform better and achieve more every day.

Kickstart the best day of your life, every day. Modere Logiq™ with proprietary Tetrablend™ coffee helps you think sharper, perform better and achieve more.×290.jpg

Be your best self, every day.

Enhance cognitive performance.

What’s in your mug?

How can I reach customer support?

Customer support: 877-MODERE-1 (877-663-3731) Social Marketer support: 855-MODERE-1 (855-663-3731)

Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 6:00pm MT; Saturday, 10:00am – 4:00pm MT