How can I qualify for a 5% bonus on my first 3 months of commissions after the official launch?

Register to be a Modere Social Marketer before August 31, 2020.

How can I qualify for Early Adopter status?

Order any of the three product collections, or a product purchase worth 4000 Rupees or more.

What’s included with Early Adopter status?

Early Adopter status gives you special recognition at events for one year, beginning on the official launch. You’re also eligible for an additional commission bonus during the first three months after launch, called the Early Adopter Income Multiplier.

How does the Early Adopter Income Multiplier work?

The Early Adopter Income Multiplier is a bonus only available to Early Adopters and has the potential to multiply the first three months of income from 10% to 100%, depending on the work done during the pre-launch phase (from July 8 until the official launch) that results in sales during the first 10 days after the launch.  The various multiplier levels are earned by generating Early Adopter points, which are the points generated from your own personal purchases and the purchases of your personally enrolled social marketers (purchases of the social marketers enrolled by your personal enrollments do not count for this requirement) during the first 10 days after the official launch. To qualify for the income multiplier star level, in addition to achieving the total Early Adopter points requirement, at least 50% of the points must from your personal enrollments. The star level and income multiplier are represented by the following chart:

Early Adopter PointsIncome Multiplier
1 Star60010%
2 Star1,00015%
3 Star1,80025%
4 Star3,40050%
5 Star6,600100%

Is the 5% bonus for registering before August 31, 2020 in addition to the Early Adopter Income Multiplier?

Yes. For example, if you registered on or before August 31, 2020 and achieved the qualification to be eligible for 10% Early Adopter Income Multiplier your first three months of income would be multiplied by 15% each month.

When will Modere officially launch in India?

We anticipate to officially begin selling products in India on November 1, 2020. This is a preliminary estimate and could change depending on a range of factors.

Who can I contact for additional questions and support?

Please direct all inquiries to and our customer service team will respond as quickly as possible.