What is the Modere Movers Program?

Modere Movers is a point-earning system that rewards a Social Marketer for growing their Modere business. Social Marketers earn Modere Mover points by enrolling and/or selling product to new Customers or Social Marketers.

Social Marketers who have earned the minimum Mover points will be eligible to win a monthly prize.  Modere Mover points will also count toward earning a Modere New Leader Conference invitation. To make this even more exciting, earn the most points and Modere will pay for your accommodations to the New Leader Conference event.

To qualify for Modere Movers, the requirements in a given month are:

1.   Social Marketers must meet the 150 AP or 75 SmartShip during the qualification month.

2.   Earn at least 5 Modere Mover points.

(Monthly qualification period = 1st day thru the last day of each month).

How do I Earn Points?

· 1 Mover point will be earned for a new Customer or Social Marketer product order worth at least $99 USD/$119.99CAD.

· 3 Mover points for enrolling a new Social Marketer with the purchase of an XM Collection (or a minimum order of $480 USD/$519 CAD).

Bonus Points:

· Earn 1 Mover bonus point for enrolling a new Customer or Social Marketer on Modere Smartship worth at least $99/mo and 75 SmartShip.

· Earn 2 Mover bonus points for retaining your new Customers on SmartShip for their first 6 consecutive months.


For point eligibility, customers and personally enrolled Social Marketers must meet the following requirements:

  • The first day of the month starts at 12:00AM MST and the last day of the month ends at 11:59PM MST.
  • New customers and new Social Marketers must reside in the US or Canada and have a start date and order date between the first and last day of each month respectively.
  • Enrollment date, and SmartShip creation date must be within the calendar month for Customer SmartShip bonus points.
  • Return orders will be deducted from the account, and points will be reduced accordingly.
  • Orders must be associated with a unique shipping address and a unique form of payment to count toward point eligibility.
  • No more than 4 points can be generated from the activity of any one Social Marketer or Customer account.
  • The additional 2 points can be earned for each Customer who maintains their SmartShip for their first 6 consecutive months. This can only be earned 1 time for each new Customer.


What kind of orders award Modere Mover points?

Eligible Ala-Carte Orders

·         Only orders from newly enrolled Customers or Social Marketers generate Modere Mover points. XM Collection orders from new Social Marketers also generate points.

Eligible SmartShip Orders

·         SmartShip orders from new Social Marketers or Customers (purchase must be $99 USD/$124.99CAD).

·         New Customers who maintain a SmartShip order for their first six consecutive months.

Why would a Social Marketer have 5 or more Mover points but not be Modere Mover qualified?

·         Social Marketers must also meet the 150 AP or 75 SmartShip during the qualification month.

How will canceling or delaying a SmartShip order affect Modere Mover qualification?

·         It may cause a Social Marketer’s 150 AP or 75 SmartShip requirement not to be met during that month, in which case they would not qualify.

·         Returns negatively affect a Social Marketer’s MP and may disqualify them from Modere Mover status.

Can a Social Marketer earn more points from a Customer if the Customer decides to enroll as a Social Marketer?

·         Yes. Customers who upgrade their account to Social Marketer with a minimum purchase of $99 USD/$124.99 CAD will count towards Modere Mover points. However, a maximum of 4 Mover points can be earned from the same person during a qualification month.

·         NOTE: Points can only be earned from personally enrolled Social Marketers from orders placed in the same calendar month as their enrollment date.

Can Social Marketers earn Mover points from their personal orders?

·         No. Modere Mover points are not awarded for personal orders.

Can I place multiple personal orders to add up to $99 USD/$124.99CADduring a qualification month to be considered qualified?

·         Yes. Multiple personal orders that add up to $99 USD/$124.99 CAD or more count towards Modere Mover qualification.