Updated as of: 5/7/2020 at 10:00 am MT

NEW LEADER CONFERENCE UPDATE (April 2, 2020): Given the growing concerns around COVID-19, we’ve made the difficult decision to move our New Leader Conference 2020 to a virtual event. The health and well-being of our community is a top priority at Modere. Beginning May 2020, qualified Social Marketers will receive a special invitation to join an exclusive Facebook group focused on all things NLC! Stay tuned for more details to come. Thank you for your continued commitment, support and trust in our global brand.

Think of the greatest leaders in your life. Did you have a school teacher who inspired you? A manager who found creative solutions? A historical figure who inspired you by succeeding despite tremendous odds?

No matter how great your leaders are, they started out just like everyone else. At Modere, we believe that true leadership is something that can be cultivated in anyone who’s willing to learn and grow. We have been so inspired by the success of our Social Marketers that we wanted to recognize the leadership qualities that so many of you are showing.

The Modere New Leader Conference is geared toward new Social Marketers. Held June 12-13, 2020, this conference will recognize new high-achieving Social Marketers who are earning key Modere ranks and taking advantage of the Modere Movers program.

Advantages of the New Leader Conference

During this conference, you’ll enjoy exclusive trainings by inspiring keynote speakers and Modere corporate leaders. These powerful sessions will help you learn effective tactics to keep your business skyrocketing, what makes Modere different and how to inspire leadership in others.

Registration and Qualification

This exclusive event is by invitation only. In order to virtually attend the conference, you must achieve all of the requirements during the qualification period, which is November 1, 2019-April 30, 2020.

To qualify Social Marketers need to achieve and maintain Senior Team Leader or Platinum for at least 4 out of 6 months during the qualification period. OR​ achieve STL or Platinum for the 1st time during the qualification period.

Once the eligibility period is over, Modere will reach out to all qualifying Social Marketers, who will have two weeks to confirm whether they will be able to virtually attend. Social Marketers who do not register within the two weeks will lose the opportunity to attend this inspiring conference. Additionally, Social Marketers must be in good standing to attend. Any misuse or gaming of qualifications will disqualify a Social Marketer from participating in the conference.

Event Details

Our 2020 New Leader Conference will be held virtually.

In the luxury of your own living room, you’ll learn from top Social Marketers and other key Modere leaders. You don’t want to miss this event!


Who can attend New Leader Conference?

New Leader Conference is open to all Social Marketers who qualified for Senior Team Leader or Platinum rank for 4 out of 6 months of the qualification period. Due to COVID-19, we are allowing those that qualify in 2020 to attend this year virtually and in 2021 in Provo, Utah. Social Marketers who wish to attend in 2021 must meet qualifications AGAIN in 2021 in order to attend.

How do I earn Modere Mover points?

To learn more about how to earn Modere Mover points, check out this Modere Movers FAQ.

Can I combine points from other accounts?

No, points may not be transferred or combined with other Social Marketer accounts.

Are guests allowed to attend?

This is a qualifying event for Social Marketers. There will be one virtual invitation per qualifying account, with the exception of Co-Applicants if requested.

Is there a cancelation fee?

Due to COVID-19, our normal cancelation fee has been waived.

When will I be notified once I have qualified?

Emails to qualifiers will go out the first week of the month following initial qualification. Social Marketers will have two weeks to register for the event by responding to the emailed survey.


What if I canceled due to COVID-19? Can I join now that the event has gone virtual?

Yes! If you are concerned about your registration status, please email

Do I have to qualify again in 2021 to attend if I already qualified in 2020?

Yes. While you will be able to attend the virtual event in 2020 if you qualify, you will have to requalify in 2021 to attend NLC in Provo, Utah in 2021.

Will this event be postponed to later in 2020?

No. This event will be 100% virtual in 2020, but attendees can qualify again and attend in 2021.

Can I transfer my hotel accommodations to a future event?

No. Hotel accommodations are non-transferable. Each social Marketer who wishes to attend our NLC 2021 event in Provo, Utah will need to qualify again in 2021. Hotel accommodations earned for the 2020 NLC event will not be transferred to the Fall Social Marketing Summit in September, or any other future event.

What is the virtual event agenda? How will it work virtually?

More details coming soon!

Are we doing a cash-out incentive if I earned hotel accommodations?

While we are unable to do a cash-out incentive, we do have exciting swag items for those that qualified!

How do I join the New Leader Conference 2020 Facebook Group?

Check back in May for a link to join our exclusive NLC Facebook Group!

Will we still be able to tour Modere HQ and the manufacturing facilities?

Yes! We are excited to share a virtual tour of both Modere HQ and our manufacturing facilities. Be sure to register for this incredible event to learn more!

Can my team attend now that this is a virtual event?

No. This is a qualifying event. Your login to attend this event will only work for one qualified social marketer (with the exception of co-applicants).