Crissy Gravina is an empowering and positive individual. She’s always been very health conscious as an athlete, and pays close attention to what she puts in her body. As one could imagine, it was a natural step for Crissy to become a Social Marketer and start a business with Modere.

“Modere is cool and sexy! I love the mission of helping others live better, cleaner lives. There’s a price point for everyone regardless of their economic situation and by shopping at Modere, it’s their first step to living clean.”

Crissy says she is excited about the incentives and leadership in place here at Modere. Through her passion for the business, she is working her way up the Social Marketer ladder. Her experiences here have allowed her to empower and educate customers and team members from all over.

“This has been a long road of learning and growing for me. Success wasn’t instantaneous at all, but I knew those struggles would benefit me in the future. All I had to do was trust my team and the process. My friend, Michelle Barnes, lead by example and showed me how successful I could be.”

Crissy continues to build a thriving Modere business. Her business model has become a habit to her. “It’s just like brushing my teeth,” she exclaimed. “Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to people about what I do. Whether it’s simply planting seeds and getting someone to our website or following up with someone, I’m always striving to do something positive for my business.”

If you happen to meet Crissy and wonder how she has seen such a level of success, feel free to ask her! Whether it’s encouragement or some words of advice, she will help you find the answers you’re looking for. One thing she says is important for everyone to do: Attend events.

“I can honestly say, in seven years of building this business, I have never missed a big event. There is something about these events that change you forever. The times my business really grew, and I grew, I can trace them back to what happened at a big event. I came up with the money, I made the time, and I did whatever I had to do to get there. Believe me, it may be hard, but it’s worth it.”