Look who’s back! Trim Chocolate bottles are now shipping through the Trim “Any Flavor” program!

To get your Trim faster, order #anyflavortrim and we’ll pick one of our delicious Trim flavors for you to try, including Mango, Coconut Lime, Vanilla, Lemon, or Trim Chocolate.

Here are some Trim Chocolate FAQs to help you navigate any questions from customers about the bottled product.


Why is Trim Chocolate still showing on backorder on the website?

We are continuing to focus on the Trim Any Flavor program to help get the product into customers’ hands as quickly as possible. The Trim Chocolate bottle is being added to the rotation in the Any Flavor sku, which will remain the fastest way to obtain any Trim product until our stock situation improves with all Trim flavors.

Why did Modere temporarily stop selling Trim Chocolate?

Modere is committed to the highest standards of ingredient safety and product quality at every step of the development and manufacturing process. In order to provide the best and most consistent product experience possible, we took the steps to standardize our preservative system so that we could be confident that Trim Chocolate would consistently match the quality of our other Trim flavors.

Was the formula changed?

The only update to the bottled Trim Chocolate formula is the preservative system. The efficacy and amounts of our patented, award-winning and clinically tested ingredients remain unchanged, so you can be assured of the same remarkable body transformation benefits you expect with all of our Trim product flavors.

Can I continue to purchase the Lean Body System with Trim Chocolate Singles?

Yes! New Lean Body System collections that include Trim Chocolate Singles are expected to be available early October.

Will the bottled Trim Chocolate taste different from the Trim Chocolate Singles?

Customers may notice a subtle difference in flavor between the bottled Trim Chocolate and Trim Chocolate singles.

Does the new Trim Chocolate taste different?

The new Trim Chocolate is flavored with the same delicious, premium cocoa powder as before. However, you may notice a subtle difference in flavor from the earlier formulation, as the product has been updated to increase stability.