Renae Green is one of Modere’s newest Director 2 Social Marketers. Between the M3 Pledge and following the One Voice System, Renae has managed to cultivate a business that’s helped her maintain some financial stability. We were able to ask Renae about her journey so far with Modere and how Modere and it’s clean-label products have impacted her life.

“Each level I have achieved at Modere has been both a time for reflection and celebration. I love to view each new level as a stepping stone, knowing we should never get comfortable with where we are in life. Each level means I am advancing and growing as a leader in hopes I can bring value to others.

“I feel like remaining humble, being grateful, and being kind is the key in moving forward.

“What did it for me was the disruptive model and plan the team had in place for taking care of and rewarding customers. This model is different from anything I had seen before and once I met the corporate team, it was game over!

“My life has changed drastically since finding Modere. I have created an incredible story by a personal transformation–both internally and externally. I have always had a passion for serving and helping others, but I now have the burning desire to do so and Modere is the perfect platform. I can’t wait to get my day started each day and not waste a second.

“Modere has also impacted my children’s lives. They are now able to do the extras at school and in life to further advance their skills in music thanks to the increase in income. I am not having to turn down the chance to give to charitable events that are dear to me, which makes an impact on lives all over the world.”

“I love Modere. Honestly, there is nothing I don’t love, but if I had to pick just one it would have to be the people. From the executive team to the newest Social Marketer, we truly have something special here. Modere’s core values are in alignment with mine and when it comes to running my business I feel that’s the most important thing.

“My ultimate goal with Modere is to be a part of building the largest team of Social Marketers who are sharing our Live Clean mission all over the world. I want all of us to impact lives by growing a legacy that can be passed down for generations to come.”

“If I were to offer advice or encouragement, it would be to plug into the system 100%! Our One Voice System is simple, duplicatable, and we’ve seen it works. It’s important to have a mentor there, as well. Someone who can lead you and give you tips on the business.

“And speaking of that, treat your business like a business. It’s your oxygen and you must craft your story, a story to share, a story that will help your business thrive. Plant your seeds daily and you’re sure to succeed!”

We are truly grateful to have Social Marketers like Renae Green on our team. Her true passion and leadership will continue to help Modere, its Social Marketers, and its customers.

“There is truly no greater feeling than being able to see those you love and care about feel better about themselves in every area of their life. That is one of the biggest ways my life has changed since becoming a part of Modere.”