Modere is committed to Social Marketers and their journey to build long-term residual income. Modere does traditional advertising to build brand awareness and credibility for our Social Marketers. This program is called Ripple Effect. Most of the advertising supports the efforts of Social Marketers directly, helping to acquire and retain referred customers. Occasionally the Ripple Effect program attracts customers that were not referred by a Social Marketer but happened to encounter Modere advertising. We call these customers unaffiliated. Modere’s commitment is to our Social Marketers.

This means that 100% of all Modere customers are connected to an active Social Marketer account, giving them the opportunity to grow their income through the company’s customer marketing efforts.

How it Works

Customers are linked to qualified Social Marketers after being unaffiliated for 120 days or more. This period is designed to give Social Marketers the opportunity to claim customers that may have purchased without entering the Social Marketer’s referral code or following their link to

Any Social Marketer is eligible to earn these customers in any given month for which they qualify as Gold Director 1 or higher in the previous month. Once they achieve those ranks, Social Marketers are eligible to start receiving unaffiliated customers the following month.

Each month, Modere adds up all the Commissionable Volume (CV) by all unaffiliated customers and then divides it by the total number of customers. This calculation determines an “adjusted order total” that is assigned to all customers so that regardless of the customer that is assigned to Social Marketers, each receives the same VS and qualification volume (BV). Modere assigns these customers to Social Marketers starting from the top, beginning with the highest promoter title and working down. If there are more unaffiliated accounts than Social Marketers, placement continues in a round-robin style, starting from the top. This takes place until all accounts are placed.

Orders from Ripple Effect customers are commissioned as follows:

  • 1st order is paid 12% Commissionable Volume (CV) and 100% Qualification Volume (BV)
  • 2nd Order is paid 50% CV and 100% BV
  • 3rd order and beyond are paid 100% CV and 100% BV

It’s important to note that unaffiliated customers who have referred other customers are all placed together at the same time. That customer and all their referrals will become part of the assigned Social Marketer’s pod.

It’s an amazing way to create a competitive advantage and help Social Marketers build long-term residual income. This has been part of our aim from the beginning—to create the best opportunity for our Social Marketers by providing an environment where we attract and retain millions of customers that grow into stable compensation for Social Marketers.