Modere is disrupting business, in a very good way.

“When we began our strategy sessions,” Robert Conlee, CEO, explains, “we began by creating lasting, long-term residual income, and we knew the key was creating a loyal base of customers. We are doing something that has never been done before and we’re just getting started.”

While many people have an idea of what Modere does, a large percentage is unaware of what makes Modere different. Modere manufactures clean, everyday essentials in Springville, Utah, developing products that avoid controversial ingredients and make homes safer by design. The Modere model is direct-only; there is no middle man. By removing a step in the retail profit process, Modere provides affordable access to high-performance, boutique-quality products.

But that’s just part of the story.

Modere knows a strong relationship with customers is the key to any business, and we put the customer experience first! It’s our highest priority. We market and distribute our world-class products through a new, highly connective business model we call Social Retail.

A Disruption in Retail

Not too long ago, shopping meant going into a store, choosing a product, and making your purchase. When online retail hit the mainstream, however, it caused a massive shift in the way people shop. You can now buy almost anything without ever leaving your home. In many cities, you can even have fresh groceries delivered within hours to your doorstep! The switch to e-commerce has created explosive growth for so many companies, and yet, it has been the demise of others. Why?

Some businesses were simply unable to meet the technical demands of creating an online storefront, or were unable to match fulfillment to demands. But for others, it was a reluctance to believe in the power of people. When your business goes online, the public becomes your new sales force. People believe in the reviews of friends, family, and even complete strangers over the bias of a known employee. One bad review can crush an entire company—and one well-placed endorsement can mean a windfall. So what happens when social shopping meets direct selling?

Modere happens.

The emergence of social sharing is more than a trend. It’s what you do, naturally, without knowing or thinking that you are, in effect, selling. The concept of Social Retail revolves around a simple idea: why not reward people for what they already share, especially when they are sharing clean, natural products they love and use every day? Modere is the first online retail brand to incentivize social sharing—and we call our advocates Social Marketers.

The Social Retail model is designed to encourage lifelong loyalty, because Social Marketers don’t get a single reward for a referral—they are paid for every purchase a referred customer makes in their lifetime! Imagine getting a piece of every purchase of laundry soap, protein powder, shampoo, or cleaning supplies, from every person with whom you shared great, safe, high-quality products!

And the model is working. Every Social Marketer at Modere has an average of between 7-10 customers—that’s well over 100,000 customers total. We also see that social shopping is happening as well; that’s because 20% of new customers come from other customer referrals.

It’s simply a better way. Take Netflix as an example. They didn’t invent a way to watch movies; they just found a better way to rent and stream videos. Uber didn’t invent the taxi service, but they made things easier for both drivers and passengers to catch a ride. Creating a better way disrupts the old way of doing things and creates an entirely new industry.

Why not do the same thing for products we use every single day?

To join our mission, you can become a customer or you can jump all the way in and become a Social Marketer. Customers enjoy rewards like $500 lifestyle experiences, free shipping, free samples, free birthday credits, and a money-back guarantee. As a Social Marketer, however, you’re rewarded with real income, just for sharing products you use with people you know. As they shop with Modere, you are generously paid in cash for your referral.

There really is no limit when it comes to opportunity with Modere. Our customer-centric model drives this experience. In fact, every Social Marketer has, on average, 10 customers—but some have thousands. There aren’t any gimmicks here. There are no retail or wholesale prices. You can purchase all of our products at Modere.com with or without a referral. Everyone pays the same amount for our products. The difference lies with those Social Marketers who get paid to help others live clean.

At the end of it all, we are our own manufacturer. Our clean, everyday essentials are produced here at Modere, in our own Utah factory.

Head over to shiftingretail.com and see how the latest shift in retail can benefit you. From free products, to free experiences, to a whole new career—there’s nothing stopping you from trying the world’s first Social Retail company.