You’ve seen the power of the XMONE program to fast-track your prospects. Now, experience it for yourself during this limited-time promotion!

What is XMONE? This exciting program was created to recognize new Social Marketers who hit the ground running with Modere. By meeting specific goals in their first full month, new Social Marketers can earn a Modere Experience of their choice: a FitBit Versa, iPad, iWatch, shopping spree or weekend getaway! A Modere Experience is more than a fabulous reward; it’s also a great reason to socially share, create curiosity and further propel your business! Plus, Social Marketers who earn a Modere Experience will also be recognized on the monthly kickoff calls and featured on the XMONE leaderboards.

And for a limited time, our XM Reset promotion re-opens this exciting incentive to ALL Modere Social Marketers! During the promotion period, help in the selling of three XM Collections of newly enrolled Social Marketers, PLUS get an additional 1,500 in Enrollment OP from NEW customers and/or Social Marketers (for a total of 3,000 EOP) to be eligible to earn a Modere Experience!

Better yet, meet the qualifications in both February and March, and you’ll be eligible to earn 2 Modere Experiences!

Program Rules and Requirements

XM Reset Promotion is open to US and Canada Social Marketers only. Enrollment of new Social Marketers must be effective between 2/2 – 3/31. Help in the selling of three XM Collections of newly enrolled Social Marketers in their first calendar month. Enrollment and order date must be within the same calendar month to qualify.

Modere Experience earners may choose among the following items:

  • Fitbit Versa plus a Modere-branded band
  • iWatch (Series 5 GPS silver w/ white sport band, max value of $399)
  • Shopping spree ($350 gift card to preferred clothing store)
  • iPad (10.2in, 32GB, silver) 
  • Weekend getaway/event travel ($350 gift card to preferred airline or booking site)

All Modere Experiences will be reported on Social Marketer 1099s.

XM Experience earners will be notified after the close of the month during which the requirements were satisfied.

Stacking and bonus buying is prohibited.


I already joined as a Social Marketer. Can I still participate in this promotion?

Yes! This XM Reset Promotion gives existing Social Marketers an opportunity to earn a Modere Experience by help in the selling of three XM Collections of newly enrolled Social Marketers, PLUS getting 1,500 in Enrollment OP from NEW Customers and/or NEW Social Marketers (for a total of 3,000 EOP) during the promotion period.

What is the promotion period?

This promotion is open to current Social Marketers beginning February 2, 2020 until March 31, 2020.

Can I win two Modere Experiences: one in February and one in March?

Yes! Existing Social Marketers are eligible to qualify once in February and once in March. However, you can not qualify twice in one month. New Social Marketers who enroll and qualify for a Modere Experience in March would not be eligible to earn a second Modere Experience.