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Get ready to experience Modere in a riveting new way!

XMONE is an exciting program created to recognize new Social Marketers who hit the ground running with Modere. By meeting specific goals in their first full month, new Social Marketers can earn a Modere Experience of their choice: an iPad, iWatch, Fitbit Versa, shopping spree or weekend getaway! A Modere Experience is more than a fabulous reward; it’s also a great reason to socially share, create curiosity and further propel your business! Plus, Social Marketers who earn a Modere Experience will also be recognized on the monthly kickoff calls and featured on the XMONE leaderboards. Who doesn’t like a little recognition for their awesome work?

To qualify for a Modere Experience within their first full calendar month, new Social Marketers must:

  • Enroll with an XM Launch Collection (or achieve 250 AP in their first month)
  • Qualify as Silver
  • Enroll 3 with 100 MP
  • Achieve Team Leader

Help your new Social Marketers align their goals to qualify for the XMONE program and get off to a great start. Check out the Business Overview Document to help them know exactly what they need to do!


The XM Launch Collections are designed to help new Social Marketers experience Modere right from the start! The specially curated collections offer massive incentives to allow all new Social Marketers to experience top Modere products, events and success.

Each XM Launch Collection includes at least $310 worth of top Modere products. Plus, every XM Launch Collection also includes the following benefits:

  • $200 in shopping credits
  • One free ticket to the next Modere Social retail Conference or Fall Social marketing Summit (up to a $200 value)
  • Modere Experience eligibility (up to $400 value)
  • 250 qualification points for more rapid advancement

To check out the latest XM Launch Collections, visit shiftingretail.com, then click ‘Join’.

Program Rules and Requirements

  • XMONE is applicable to US and Canada Social Marketers only.
  • New Social Marketers are allowed one full calendar month from their join date to meet the XMONE requirements and be eligible for a Modere Experience. For example, if a Social Marketer joins on October 1st, they will have all of October to meet the requirements. If a Social Marketer joins on October 5th, they will have the rest of October and all of November to meet the requirements.
  • Social Marketers who enroll with an XM collection are automatically eligible to earn a Modere Experience. Social Marketers who do not join with an XM Launch Collection can still be eligible to earn a Modere Experience when they achieve 250 Activity Points in their first qualification month with Modere.
  • Enroll 3 with 100 MP is satisfied by enrolling three new Social Marketers who purchase a minimum of 100 MP on their first order in their first calendar month. Enrollment and order date must be within the same calendar month to qualify.
  • Modere Experience earners may choose among the following items:
    • Fitbit Versa plus a Modere-branded band
    • iWatch (Series 6 GPS silver w/ white sport band 40mm, max value of $399)
    • Shopping spree ($350 gift card to preferred clothing store)
    • iPad (10.2in, 32GB, silver) 
    • Weekend Getaway/Event Travel ($350 gift card to preferred airline or booking site)
    • $300 Cash Out (to be paid out with weekly commission check)
  • All Modere Experiences will be reported on Social Marketer 1099s.
  • XM Experience earners will be notified after the close of the respective month the requirements have been satisfied in. 
  • Limit one Modere Experience per Social Marketer account through the Modere XMONE program.
  • Stacking and bonus buying is prohibited.

To earn a $200 product credit:

  • A new Social Marketer must purchase an XM Launch Collection in the same calendar month in which they enrolled.
  • A $50 product will automatically be applied to the next order of $100/40 BV or more.
  • Unused $50 credits can be rolled over (i.e. you could use 2 x $50 in credit on an order of $200/80 BV or more).
  • Credits don’t expire, but the full value must be redeemed in a single transaction.
  • Any unused portion of the shopping credits in a transaction is forfeited.
  • Not redeemable on SmartShip orders.


I already joined as a Social Marketer. Can I buy the XM Launch Collection?
XM Launch Collections are available only at the time of enrollment and are not available for purchase after that time.

Can I customize my own XM Launch Collection?
All new Social Marketers can shop the entire Modere product portfolio at the time of enrollment; however, to enjoy the benefits associated with the XM Launch Collection, a Social Marketer must purchase one of the preselected collections.

Where can I see a list of the XM Launch Collections?
To see available collections go to www.shiftingretail.com, click ‘join’ and then select the XM Launch Packs tab for a full list of collections.

How are the $200 in product credits redeemed?
Product credits are issued in $50 USD increments, the first product credit is added to your account within one day after purchase of an XM Enrollment collection, the remaining 3 product credits will be added on the first of day of each month for the next 3 months.

Are Social Marketers required to enroll with an XM Launch Collection?
Due to their immense value, XM Launch Collections are the recommended option for new Social Marketers getting started; however, Modere does not require new Social Marketers to purchase a collection.

Do Social Marketers need to purchase the XM Launch Collection to be eligible to earn a Modere Experience?
Purchasing the XM Launch Collection automatically qualifies a Social Marketer for eligibility to earn a Modere Experience. Any Social Marketer who achieves 250 Activity Points (AP) in his or her first qualification month with Modere is also eligible to earn a Modere experience.

How do I redeem my free event ticket?
Because event attendance information is needed for each registrant, you will receive an email invitation to register for the event of your choosing the following Tuesday after your XM order has been placed. You can also redeem your ticket by visiting the link on the printed ticket that is included in your XM Launch Collection envelope.

Do free event tickets expire?
Free XM tickets are valid for one of the next upcoming Social Retail Conference or Fall Social Marketing Summit events. Unused tickets expire after one year from the order date of your XM Launch Collection purchase. 

Does the free event ticket include my co-applicant?
The free event tickets are limited to one per account. Co-applicants that plan to attend the event with the account holder will need to purchase an SM ticket separately.

Can I transfer my free event ticket?
Free XM tickets must be used by the account holder of the XM pack. If you redeem your ticket to an eligible event and are no longer able to attend, you may defer your redeemed ticket to the next eligible event. If you need to transfer your ticket, please contact events@modere.com prior to the original selected event.

When is the best time to sign up?
Anytime! If you sign up on the 1st of the month, you’ll have the full calendar month to qualify for the XMONE program. If you sign up on or after the 2nd of the month, you’ll have until the end of the following month to qualify. Please see the compensation plan document for details on rolling qualification.