Bronze/Senior Consultant $150 Bonus FAQs

What is the Bronze/Senior Consultant $150 Bonus?

The Bronze/Senior Consultant $150 bonus rewards new Social Marketers for achieving Bronze AND Senior Consultant in their first calendar month with a $150 bonus! Only Social Marketers who enroll with a pack of $199.99 in the US and all “Basic Packs” in Canada are eligible.

 When will this begin?

This bonus is a replacement of the limited-time Global Achievers Bonus and begins July 1st.

 Are there any changes to BV or CV?

Yes! We will be increasing Enrollment packs of $199.99 to 200 CV (Commissionable Volume) and 250 QV (Qualifying Volume)!

 How is this bonus paid out?

This bonus is paid out through monthly commissions.

 What if I hit Silver AND Team Leader?

If you achieve the ranks of Silver AND Team Leader you could be eligible for a Modere Experience – valued at up to $400 – through the XMONE program.

See US XMONE details here:

See CA XMONE details here:

If I achieve Silver/Team Leader will I receive a Modere Experience and $150?

No. They do not stack – but you will get the higher of the two, so in this case a Modere Experience.

I already joined as a Social Marketer. Am I eligible for the Bronze/Senior Consultant $150 Bonus?

The Bronze/Senior Consultant $150 Bonus is available to new Social Marketers during their first full calendar month.

Can I customize my own collection for this bonus?

All new Social Marketers can shop the entire Modere product portfolio at the time of enrollment; however, to enjoy the benefits associated with the Bronze/Senior Consultant $150 Bonus, a Social Marketer must purchase one of the preselected collections of $199.99+ or have a minimum of 250 AP in their first full calendar month.  

Where can I see a list of the $199.99 collections?

To see available collections go to and

When is the best time to sign up?

Anytime! If you sign up on the 1st of the month, you’ll have the full calendar month to qualify for the bonus. If you sign up on or after the 2nd of the month, you’ll have until the end of the following month to qualify. Please see the compensation plan document for details on rolling qualification. Check it out here:

*Subject to change. While supplies last.