What is the Bronze/Senior Consultant Bonus?

This bonus rewards new Social Marketers for achieving Bronze AND Senior Consultant in their first calendar month with a $150USD/ $200CAD bonus! Only Social Marketers who sign up with an enrollment collection of $199.99 or more in the US or any Basic Pack in Canada are eligible.

How do I qualify for the Bronze/Senior Consultant Bonus?

To qualify for the Bronze/ Senior Consultant $150USD/$200CAD bonus within their first full calendar month, new Social Marketers must:

  • Enroll with a with an enrollment collection of $199.99 or more in the US or any Basic Pack in Canada are eligible (or achieve 250 AP in the month of enrollment)
  • Qualify as a Bronze
  • Enroll three new Social Marketers who purchase a minimum of 100 MP in their first calendar month. Enrollment and order date must be within the same calendar month to qualify.
  • Achieve Senior Consultant

Are there any changes to Commissionable Volume or Qualification points?  

Yes! We will be increasing enrollment collections of $199.99 to 200 CV (Commissionable Volume) and 250 qualification points!

Will Social Marketers who joined March 1, 2020 be eligible for this bonus?

Yes! This promotion will be back-dated to March 1.

How is this bonus paid out?

This bonus is paid out through monthly commissions.

What if I hit Silver AND Team Leader?

If you achieve the ranks of Silver AND Team Leader you are eligible for a Modere Experience valued at up to $400.

If I achieve Silver/Team Leader will I receive a Modere Experience and $150USD/$200CAD?

No, they do not stack. However, you will receive the incentive of greater value, so in this case a Modere Experience.

I already joined as a Social Marketer. Am I eligible for the Bronze/Senior Consultant Bonus?

The Bronze/Senior Consultant $150USD/$200CAD Bonus is only available at the time of enrollment. Existing Social Marketers are not eligible.

Can I customize my own collection for this bonus?

To enjoy the benefits associated with the Bronze/Senior Consultant $150USD/$200CAD Bonus, a Social Marketer can purchase one of the preselected enrollment collections of a minimum $199.99 or achieve 250 AP in the month of enrollment.

Where can I see a list of the $199.99 collections?

To see available collections go to www.shiftingretail.com and www.canadaenrollment.com.

When is the best time to sign up?

Any time! If you sign up on the 1st of the month, you’ll have the full calendar month to qualify for the bonus. If you sign up on or after the 2nd of the month, you’ll have until the end of the following calendar month to qualify. Please see the compensation plan document for details on rolling qualification. Check it out here: https://www.shiftingretail.com/opportunity.

*Subject to change.